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Commercial Contracts

In most commercial agreements, there are a number of important terms that will affect the profitability and success of the contract for the parties.  Getting the right contract in place is therefore critical to many businesses.

Terms of the contract

In all commercial contracts there will be terms setting out the duration of the arrangement, the obligations of the parties, payment arrangements and what happens when the agreement ends. There may also be exclusion clauses, limitation of liability and liquidated damages.  Additional provisions may cover confidentiality, intellectual property, alternative dispute resolution, jurisdiction clauses and a wide range of other things.  Careful wording will be necessary to ensure that the terms are clear but with the flexibility to allow both businesses to run effectively.  A practical and sensible approach is needed along with good commercial judgment.

Purpose of the contract

The contract needs to have proper regard to the nature of your industry and the purpose of the agreement. We advise clients in a wide range of sectors and in relation to substantial commercial agreements including international sporting events, sponsorship and advertising, software development and hosting, agency and distribution and franchising agreements.

Our solicitors have experience and expertise in drafting and negotiating a wide variety of different types of commercial contracts and always ensure that we have a good understanding of our client’s needs and the commercial setting for the agreement.

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