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County Courts deal with a wide range of cases from small claims for a few hundred pounds to complex disputes. It does this by assigning cases to different tracks.

Small Claims

There are various tracks to which cases are assigned depending on the amount claimed. The Small Claims Track is for claims of less than £10,000.  This involves arbitration by a District Judge.  There is a no costs rule in Small Claims cases so that only limited legal costs are likely to be recoverable if you win, although this also means that you are unlikely to have to pay your opponent’s costs if you lose. However, the court can make a more substantial award of costs on an application for summary judgment before assignment to a track or if one party conducts its case unreasonably. 

Fast and multi track cases

The Fast Track is for claims of between £10,000 and £25,000 which are likely to be dealt with within one day. This involves a full Court hearing but the Court will endeavour to deal with this within 30 weeks of the commencement of the preparation timetable.  Costs awards relating to the hearing itself are more restricted than on multi track which deals with cases above £25,000 or which are likely to take more than a day to deal with.  In all cases, the Civil Procedure Rules apply and the court will manage the proceedings to ensure, as far as possible, that the parties are on an equal footing, that expense is saved, that the case is dealt with as quickly and fairly as possible and that the way in which it is dealt with is in proportion to what is at stake.  The duty of the parties is to assist the court and we can assist you in fulfilling your obligations to the court and in pursuing your objectives in the litigation.

Our solicitors advise and represent business clients in all types of County Court proceedings.

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